Ryan Hanson

Hi! I'm Ryan and I like to make elegant optimizations for macOS.


Use spatial memory to put your desired app in focus more quickly.


Quickly work with file paths in a handy bar.


Give yourself an extra modifier key for all your keyboard shortcuts in this simple, one purpose app.


Become an instant keyboard power user with the ability to search & click text anywhere on screen. Comes with built-in hyperkey and remapping presets.


Easily add trackpad and Magic Mouse gestures to your mac, and customize what they do. Pick from a large range of gestures and actions like middle clicking, executing keyboard shortcuts, moving your windows, and much more.


The new standard in window management for macOS. Free and open source.

Rectangle Pro

(Formerly Hookshot) Snap windows faster in this featureful Rectangle superset. Toss windows in the right places with cursor movement, move multiple windows with one command, create custom shortcuts, and more.


Sometimes all you need is the missing middle click for your Apple trackpad or Magic Mouse.


Fix overly sensitive scrolling on certain apps with the Magic Mouse, or scroll with just one trackpad touch.


Demo your keyboard shortcuts using this easy and delicious keystroke viewer.


Take a shortcut to your files, local or in the cloud, in this lightweight file browser that's packed with macOS integration.