Here is where I write about my apps! Typically, I write posts when I build a new app or create new features, but a lot of times I just like to program and might skip writing if I'm hard at work. You can read most of my posts on Medium, but my plan is to eventually only post here.

Demo your shortcut keys on macOS

To properly demo my apps, I need to communicate keyboard shortcuts, and a while back the only player in that game was the free, open source Keycastr. Unfortunately, Keycastr didn’t nail the visuals for me.

A new take on cmd+tab & dock in macOS

When it comes to switching applications, there is no shortage of options to get the one you want in front of you. Before creating Rectangle Pro, I would have never thought about trying to add another solution to the mix.

Hyper key in macOS

With the ubiquity of window manager applications in macOS, it is surprisingly easy to run out of good, unique keyboard shortcuts that do not interfere with other applications.

Custom window dimension shortcuts

One of the most common requests I have received for Rectangle is the addition of shortcuts for more window dimensions that are not currently in the app.

Disable horizontal scroll on the Magic Mouse

The Magic Mouse is awesome, but some apps are overly sensitive to its horizontal scroll — to the point where it’s kinda unusable. My latest iteration of the Scroll app aims to solve this problem in a simple way.

A shortcut to my files in macOS

Maybe I’m weird, but I‘ve never been that excited about the first party apps for Google Drive and Dropbox because I like to keep my cloud drives in the cloud and separate from my local drives.